Mrs Linda Kathryn Kohlen

11/03/1971 - 31/01/2021


The Ceremony to celebrate the life of the late

Mrs Linda Kathryn Kohlen will be held in the

Bethany Chapel,

1 Prior Street,


Ceremony Time:
9.30 Am
Service Stream:

This Ceremony will be live streamed from 9.30 Am on Monday 22nd February 2021.

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  1. 23 February 2021

    Dearest Linda,
    I am so saddened to hear of your passing. You were such an amazing friend in high school and throughout all the years. Even though we live far apart, we always had a connection and you were always there to listen and give great advice. Sending my condolences to your cherished son, husband and your mum. Will always have the fondest moments of our time on this earth. You’re now an Angel xx

    Jennifer Ryan

  2. 22 February 2021

    My dear sweet Linda. I was shocked and saddened to hear of your passing. We had just been in touch and mentioning when I would come see you and the things we would do. I am heartbroken knowing it will not be. It make your last trip here even that more special. I am so glad you made it to Connor’s graduation and we could have our little reunion too those few days at Kathy’s. Little did we know it would be our last gathering. I will cherish the memories & talks we have had and the gifts I received from you from across the sea. One day we will meet again in a place of only peace & love. My love goes out to Steven, Connor, your Mom & all your loved ones left behind. You will always be in my heart my dear friend.


  3. 22 February 2021

    I am so happy that we were friends. You always made me laugh. Your happy spirit will be greatly missed. On behalf of my brothers and cousins (who also called you friend) thanks for your sincere friendship.
    Stacey Dragoyevich

    Stacey Dragoyevich

  4. 22 February 2021

    linda thank you for touching our lives and bringing such happiness and joy to Steven you will be missed


  5. 22 February 2021

    Linda was a good friend with a generous heart and a cheeky sense of fun! My memories of her will always include her smiling blue eyes, her thoughtful gestures, and her energetic love of life. She leaves an empty space in the world that will take time to heal over. Love to all who knew you Linda xxx

    Robyn Minnee

  6. 21 February 2021

    Linda was such a cheerful, warm, loving person, whose smile would light a room. I remember the time I was just getting to know her, she invited my husband and I to join her family to a Dodgers baseball game. She had just won some tickets off of the radio for a VIP Suite at the Dodgers Stadium. I still remember feeling so honored she would invite us, and her telling me she couldn’t afford to do any activities, so she started praying for God to fulfill those gestures and how he was, and thinking what a great woman of faith. The VIP Suite was such an amazing experience. The suite was right by the dugout, we had the best view of all the Dodgers players, and of the field, and inside the suite we had all you could eat and drink of anything on the menu. The dessert bar that was rolled up to us later and had many levels of any dessert you could think of. But the best part of that day was the fact I really got to know Linda at a deeper level and we have been great friends ever since, even with our distance of her being in Australia and I in California. One of the things that make smile, even though my heart hurts she is no longer here to talk to and interact with on social media, is the fact if God would bless her with such a great experience on earth, I know her suite, her view, and her feast in heaven must be absolutely incredible. I feel honored and blessed to have had her in my life and know heaven is rejoicing by having such an loving, warm, cheerful woman enter the gates. Your presence on this earth will not be forgotten, til we see each other again, my dear sweet friend.

    Laura Spivey

  7. 21 February 2021

    I was also surprised and am still sad to think of my friends passing. But am grateful for the fun high school memories we shared. My lasting impression of Linda is one of a kind and gentle person who I benefitted from knowing…… Even for a brief time. Her impact on me still resonates. Thank you God for the gift of knowing Linda.

    Robert Horn

  8. 20 February 2021

    May you fly with the Angels and watch over your loved ones.
    Rest in peace Linda 🙏🏼❤️

    Jon Connelly

  9. 20 February 2021

    My well loved little sister,

    There are so many good things we can say about you. As we were growing up i always was your protector. And when you became a young woman you became mine in my rebellious days. Your prayers helped me through the storm and now i have a life that is worth living.
    Thank you for the joy that you gave to so many people. You are a champion at keeping relationships close even when we are far away.
    I love the way you shared something funny. You would start your story and building it up with the excitement in your voice. And when you got to the punchline you let out a half second trumpet like blast (HA!) Then the excitement and laughter would continue.
    This is just a couple of ways you truly touched us. I an happy that you found love with Steven and the joy the two of you shared. You can tell there was happiness there even on the phone.
    Even though you will be missed on this earth. It is important to remember that we are just passing through. And being born again and covered by the blood of Jesus that cleanse us from sin. My address is secure in heaven and we will meet again.
    Linda you are a strong powerful woman and i never knew how much till now. you make me look into what is important like building and keeping relationships.
    Thank you Linda for being an example to us all.
    You are famous for giving your brother noogies ( that is knuckles rubbed real hard on the head in a headlock) well i don’t know if that is allowed in heaven but if it is i know you have one for me.

    I love you Sis
    I will miss you here until we meet again.

    With Love, Brother Steve


  10. 20 February 2021

    I was so sad to hear of my cousins passing. I was much older and cared for her and her brother Steve on many occasions when they were young . Linda was always reserved and sweet. So sad I won’t see her again. I understand she was a child of our Lord so I will absolutely see her again in heaven. Until then, I pray God’s peace and comfort upon her family. In love, Diane

    Diane Donalies

  11. 19 February 2021

    My dear much loved daughter. You are my sunshine and my protector. You are a strong and loving Mother, Wife, daughter, sister and friend. We talked every day by phone. The joy you gave to those she knew was boundless and from her heart. She saw into the hearts and needs of those who knew her. She said, she found her husband to be perfect for her.

    Linda kohlen

  12. 19 February 2021

    Linda my much loved daughter. you are my sunshine and my protector You are strong beautiful and loving Mother, Wife, and daughter and friend. We talked nearly every day on the phone. the joy you gave to those you knew was boundless from her heart. She saw into the hearts and needs of those who knew her. She said she found her Husband Steve to be perfect for her, and i know we love each other dearly. she said, she was happy and made the right decision for there union. She had a lot of excitement to be accepted to attend western Australia University. She was going to be a psychologist. She spoke on how she could counsel and help many. she was a devoted believer in the Lord.
    Just prior to her sudden passing. She said “Mom i am glad our little family celebrates Life! and a life worth living is a life well loved! Yes daughter you are well loved! We all Celebrate the happiness you shared with us.

    Forever Your Mother

    Kathy Duffy

  13. 19 February 2021

    I have known Linda since high school. She and my sister went to junior high together. Linda quickly became friends with my entire family (cousins included). She was easy to like. I will cherish all the wonderful times that we had together. I still can’t believe that she has left this Earth. I am proud to have called you my friend . My deepest condolences to Steven and Connor.

    Stacey “Setlich” Dragoyevich

  14. 18 February 2021

    I’ve known Linda since elementary school and we always had so much fun when we were together. We had many great memories together from backyard camping, swimming, and our favorite bicycle riding adventures. I’ll miss you my friend but I’ll carry you in my heart forever. RIP beautiful angel. Love you, Dawn

    Dawn Gagnon

  15. 18 February 2021

    I am Linda’s cousin who lives in California. I spent a lot of time with her when we were all growing up a d before she got married and moved out California. I always thought we would grow old together and I asked her to be my only daughters God Mother. I have always held a special place in my heart for Linda. And I will always keep her close to my heart. I never thought I would never see her again on earth. But I know I Will see her in heaven. She was always an angel and cared for everyone around her. Kisses to heaven for my beautiful cousins Until we meet again. I love you
    Peggy ❤️


  16. 17 February 2021

    We’ve known Linda since the late 90s when our families both lived in Los Angeles, CA. Our sons were born the same year and she helped babysit our son Seth and clean our house while we worked. Linda was a bright light, cheerful and loving. She was a good photographer and I still keep the pictures she took of my infant son at the time. Later, Linda moved to Australia to begin a new chapter in her life with her husband Steven whom she adored. Linda came for a visit to California a few years back, she pulled up in her rental car, a nice yellow convertible and we treated her to dinner at one our favorite local Mexican restaurants here in Fallbrook, CA. She spoke of her son Connor joining the US Army and how proud she was of him. Linda stayed active on social media and we were a planning a trip to come see her and Steven in Western Australia 🇦🇺 soon. When I received word of her sudden passing, I was shocked. Linda, you have been loved and appreciated by so many. Thank you for your kindness and generous spirit. Rest easy and may all of us who loved you feel comforted by our precious memories of lovely Linda 💛

    Michelle Powers

  17. 17 February 2021

    To Linda’s family…

    I can’t believe this still to this day! We were just talking a few days before. You always told me how in love you were with your husband and how proud you are of your son. I’ll miss you cousin❤️
    To the family… I’m so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies. 🙏❤️

    Lisa Matzke

  18. 17 February 2021


    Gone are doubts
    And fears
    Broken things
    Made whole

    Has done its perfect work
    Earnt it’s sure reward

    A Kingdom
    That cannot be shaken
    The King
    Gloroius beyond compare

    Become realities
    In the Light
    The source of life itself

    Grief and tears
    But not your own
    For yours is joy unspeakable and full of Glory
    Clothed with light and love

    Known perfectly
    Now knowing fully

    A son and husband
    Would know your embrace

    May the love you have
    The love
    He has lavished on you
    Be their portion forever

    All is whole
    And at rest
    And shadows flee away

    Daniel Felton

  19. 17 February 2021

    I had the pleasure of meeting Linda in 2003 when my husband Vince and I moved into the neighborhood. Linda was the first neighbor to welcome us with open arms. She brought us homemade chocolate chip cookies with her son Connor and with a great big smile welcomed us to the neighborhood. Throughout the seven years we lived there she was a sweet and faithful friend. Her love for Jesus was so clearly seen in the way she served and helped others. Her servants heart touched our lives and am sure countless others. It was a true blessing to have known Linda and been part of her life during those years in Arizona. Our prayers and deepest condolences to her family.

    Nancy & Vince Hopson

  20. 16 February 2021

    Deepest condolences and love to Steve and Linda’s family in the states. Such a lovely woman, and warmed many hearts during her time. May she rest peacefully. ❤️

    Kahlia Oders