Mr David Emerson Walmsley

10/02/1942 - 02/09/2017


St John’s Anglican Church
York Street
Albany WA 6330

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  1. 08 September 2017

    David was such an knowledgeable man; ask him a question on History, Geography, Nature, Politics he always came back with an answer. David was an excellent Guide when he took me and my husband Brian, touring WA. Though I must say he always seemed to be yards ahead of us, we walked, David run!!

    Rest in Peace

    Jean Adele x


  2. 06 September 2017

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Clinton, I live in Harlow, Essex, England and David was my uncle. I cannot be at the Funeral Service today so am hoping that someone would be kind enough to read this tribute out on my behalf. Thank you.

    I have known David since the early 1970’s when he met my Aunty Margaret (or “Molly” as we used to call her). David was no Brad Pitt or a George Clooney in the looks department but he was blessed with gifts in so many other ways. He was probably one of the most knowledgeable and interesting persons I have, or am, likely ever to meet. I admired his intelligence and intellectual capacity – he was like an encyclopaedia of facts and figures. I remember David’s parents Connie and Norm telling me that David was educationally gifted but unlike his brother Tom, did not pursue his talents to reach the dizzy heights of academia. I assume his drive, aspirations and ambitions laid elsewhere.

    I remember being on holiday in Australia when I was 21 in 1981 travelling from Perth to Albany in the car with David and Margaret and being awe struck when David, to pass the time and for a bit of fun, started to name all the US Presidents since George Washington to date. If that wasn’t enough, he then went to name all the Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom of England from King Alfred the Great to date. Amazing – I felt humbled.

    Throughout that trip to Perth, Australia in 1981 I am grateful for the hospitality both David and Margaret gave to me. They were terrific taking me to so many places. Such was my enthusiasm, when I married Elaine in 1991, I returned to Perth, Australia so that we could both spend our honeymoon in their company. It didn’t disappoint. Once again, their car hit the road down to Albany. I am indebted to them both and would frequently remind them so.

    David and Margaret did come to the UK too on a number of occasions to stay with my mum and dad, Jean and Brian.

    David was a master of the English Language, excellent at expressing himself both orally and in writing. He was a prolific debater and fast talker too on such a diverse range of subjects. His discussions with me would often gravitate into the fields of politics, the economy, interest rates, the inflation rate, house prices, food prices, the cost price of petrol and right down to more banal matters such how many miles his Ford Laser (Escort) 1.6L had clocked up and when it was next due for its service with my cousin, Trevor!

    Over the past 4 years or more, David and I would regularly exchange e mails and I am truly thankful that we did that. During this time life couldn’t have been easy for him, given his prosthetic leg and more recently having had a stroke. However, such was David’s character he didn’t complain about it much and at times could be humorous – to quote from two of David’s e mails to me:

    “I bought six bottles of wine the other day on special. It cost me $A16.25. That is about $2.70 a bottle. How much is that in UK currency? Wine is now cheaper than bottled water or Coke! Oh well, that is my rant for today. Take care all of you. Cheers for now.

    “Well, it is 4pm here. Time for a Guinness, then tea, with a glass of red, then news on telly, then bed. Not a very exciting life. Take care. Love to you, Elaine and Rebecca. Xxx “

    To me, David was a different person to most but in a positive way. That’s what made him unique. He had a heart and was a caring person too. He often said “take care mate”. I will always cherish his company, our banter, our laughs together and the “buzz” I felt when engaging with him on a range of topics. His passing away is difficult to take. I got on well with David and have so many good memories. I felt we had a close bond, he touched my life and I will miss him.

    God bless you David, my uncle and more importantly my good friend – “take care mate.”

    Clinton x