25/03/1947 - 15/07/2020



Old Forts Road


Ceremony Time:
2.00 PM
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This Ceremony will be live streamed from 2.00 PM on Sunday 2nd August 2020.

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  1. 02 August 2020

    Dear Andris,

    You were a larger than life character and a man of great talent and creativity. Part of your talent remains a legacy in the final design of the little house in Viet Nam.

    It is difficult to believe that you are no longer with us. Our sincere condolences to you Avonia for the loss of Andris.

    Geoff and Natalie

    Geoff and Natalie

  2. 02 August 2020

    Avonia and Family
    What a truly honouring and beautiful service for Andris. I was so touched. I felt the depth of the man and the great love that so many had for him. Thank you so much for allowing us to share this moment from afar. Would have loved to be there with you all.. Special love and hugs from my girls and I. He was a beautiful and special man and will be greatly missed.

    Hayley Solich

  3. 02 August 2020

    Today is a celebration of the life of a wonderful soul.
    We will miss the shared enjoyment for Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.
    The generous hugs that made your feel so special to be your friend.
    Your kindness, warmth and encapsulating generosity to all.
    Your energy and passion for things that mattered to you and others.
    Whether a new friend or old friend, once lost and found again you will be truly missed by all who met you.
    Our deepest sympathy to Avonia and all the family.
    With love and hugs Liz & Michael.

    Liz Brook & Michael Woodhouse

  4. 02 August 2020

    Andrew, you were the most wonderful kind, caring, man I ever met. Your passion for mental health was legendary and so admirable.
    I looked up to you as my mentor. I didn’t have to explain things to you, you just understood.
    I will miss your smiles, your hugs and the joy that always shone on everyone you came in to contact with.
    Rest in Peace my Friend

    Jo Brown

  5. 02 August 2020

    Rita, Rob George & all Family
    Deepest Sympathy at the sudden loss of Andrew.
    A devoted Father & Grandfather and so much more.
    Fond memories od wonderful meals @ Kooka’s.
    Hearing Andrew singing in the Choir.
    Seeing him walk you down the aisle Rita on your Wedding Day.
    Andrews contribution to Mens Health and Mental Health First Aid has been invaluable to Great Southern Community.
    Strength , love & blessings to you all.
    Kate & Neil Thomas

    Kate & Neil Thomas

  6. 01 August 2020

    Lieber Andris,
    Wir erinnern uns gerne an die schönen und unterhaltsamen Stunden, die wir mit Dir verbracht haben. Obwohl wir soweit weg sind, werden wir Dich trotzdem schmerzlich vermissen.
    Avonia, Dir und der Familie unser wärmstes Mitgefühl.
    Mario und Susanne, Germany.

    Susanne Pirschel

  7. 01 August 2020

    Dear Andris
    I will miss your energy, enthusiasm, your love for the arts and mental health, your kindness, warmth and inclusiveness. How lucky was I that I was given the opportunity to share that journey of your life With you and Avonia.
    My heartfelt sympathy is with Avonia and the whole family.

    Love, Hertha

    Hertha collin

  8. 01 August 2020

    Dear Andris,
    I will miss you. Your energy, enthusiasm, your love for the arts and mental health, your kindness, warmth and inclusiveness. How lucky was I that I was given the opportunity to share that journey of your life since you’ve been together with Avonia.
    I am sure, you will be with us and smiling at us whilst we will be honouring your life today.
    Love, Hertha

    Hertha collin

  9. 31 July 2020

    So sad to loose such a great man and mate .
    A friend and neibour for many years, a mentor for myself and my sons,
    Andrew taught me to hug my mates, something I will keep forever.
    BIG hug for Jack, Rita And Vonya.

    Paul Barkley

  10. 30 July 2020

    Had the pleasure of meeting Andris while over for Rita and my sons wedding in 2017
    His infectious positivity was something both my wife and had not come across for years , and did leave a lasting impression from our visit to Albany
    All our thoughts and love goes to all of the family and friends as there will be tomany to mention

    James and Sarah Quayle

  11. 30 July 2020

    Sorry to hear of Andrew’s passing. Fond memories of primary school, high school and the early years of university.

    Keith Chapman

  12. 30 July 2020

    I have such wonderful memories of Andris, he was always welcoming and had a smile for everyone. I have great memories of playing in the garden with Rita as children and of chatting with Andris. My deepest condolences.

    Ros McFarlane

  13. 26 July 2020

    Great memories of dining at Kookas in the Eighties . Such a special place made more so by Andrew.
    Deepest sympathy to his family.

    Ron and Pat