Janice Adeline Cousins

12/06/1939 - 18/05/2020

In accordance with the Government restrictions for gathering,

a PRIVATE funeral Service will be held.

The Bethany Family invite you to leave a tribute for the family.

This Ceremony will be streamed from 10.30am on Thursday 21st May 2020. Please follow the link below: https://www.bethanyfuneral.com.au/tribute-centre/

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Leave A Tribute

  1. 22 May 2020

    Dear Gus, my heart aches for you in the loss of your wonderful wife (our sister Jan). Thank you for the trust and love that you and Jan showed in allowing me the privilege to help care for Jan in her final weeks.

    My grateful and heartfelt thanks are joined with yours for those family and friends who loved, supported and held us up through recent times. To Robyn who sat many night hours with me to watch over and comfort Jan.

    Jan was cocoond in loving care for her final weeks by an amazing team (by you Wilf , your love for your Janie is a beautiful thing), Robyn, Dr Jane, Dr Brett, nurse Jane and little Robin who all assisted in making Jan’s final weeks so full of love, free of pain and peaceful.

    Gus we have all been blessed to share with you Jan’s final journey … my wonderful sister and special friend.

    A very gracious, fun loving, kind and caring lady is at rest in the arms of an angel.

    Coral Banks

  2. 22 May 2020

    Farewell and rest in peace dearest oldest sister Jan, you are now free. You leave us with many fond memories.
    Deepest sympathy and love to brother-in-law Gus. Love from Sister Sue-Merle with Ron and families of Kelly, Glen and Kim.

    Sue Alexander

  3. 22 May 2020

    Farewell and rest in peace dearest oldest sister Jan, you are now free. You leave us with many fond memories.
    Deepest sympathy and love to brother-in-law Gus. Love from Sister Sue-Merle with Ron and families of Kelly, Glen and Kim.

    Sue and Ron Alexander

  4. 21 May 2020

    Sending all my love and prayers to you Gus and family. Mum (Josephine) and i will come for a visit as soon as you are ready.
    Love Sharon.

    Sharon Percy

  5. 21 May 2020

    Dear Wilf, I am sad to hear of the passing of dear Jan.
    Myself and Family have such found memories of time spent with you both over some 50 years and often talk about the times spent together. On my computer a photo often flashes up with yourself, Denise and I on the MF Tractor, you both always made our country holidays so special.
    It was 25 years ago I last visited Denmark and visited you both on my way to Albany, how time flies. I have just turned 57 myself and single living in Subiaco.
    It is nice to be able to be at the Funeral if only via the internet.
    I hope you are keeping in good health, you look just the same as I remember.
    Dad is going ok but Mum is in a nursing home since 2018 with Dementia unfortunately. Denise is married with no children.


    Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson

  6. 21 May 2020

    Dear Uncle Gus
    Please accept our condolences on the passing of Aunty Jan. The service was a lovely tribute to her. Married for 57 years is an achievement in itself and the loss you must feel must be immense.
    Take care, have a beer and be kind to yourself.
    Sending virtual hugs 🤗
    Love from
    Julie, Matt, Zoe, Michaela and Halle Mitchell

    Julie Mitchell

  7. 21 May 2020

    Sending my love and condolences on the loss of Aunty Jan. You are in my thoughts today.

    Rebecca Miller

  8. 21 May 2020

    Uncle Gus

    Our love and thoughts are with you on the loss of our lovely Aunty Jan.

    Love from The Aylmores xx

    Darren, Vicki, Stephanie and Braeden AYLMORE

  9. 21 May 2020

    I am very sorry to learn of Jan’s passing. I have very fond memories of times spent with Jan and Gus and how Jan looked after us all so well and so generously. Jan was a caring and loving sister-in-law to me and a wonderful aunt to Pamela’s and my children, Guy and Cara.
    My deep sympathy to Gus and all Jan’s wider family and friends.

    Peter Gurney

  10. 21 May 2020

    Uncle Gus, we are all so sad and so very sorry for your loss of such a wonderful lady. We all loved Aunty Jan so much.

    Grant, Alison, Megan, Matthew and Aaron

  11. 21 May 2020

    I was sad to hear of Aunty Jan’s passing. I remember clearly visiting Jan and Gus as a child, and always having the tray of toy cars to play with. I also recall Jan’s non-judgemental, loving approach to my fatherhood of Darcy and the joy she and Gus showed the few times I visited them in Denmark with Darcy. I was always very grateful for that.
    Sending commiserations, and best wishes, to Gus at this time.

    Guy Gurney (nephew)

    Guy Gurney

  12. 20 May 2020

    Aunty Jan. A small boy remembers your spark for life; your fun, your love and your kindness. I always felt safe and honoured around you. Strong, warm childhood memories of you fill me. I am a better man because you lived. Thank you so much.

    Uncle Gus; a great achievement finding her, respecting her and caring for her. I am so very proud of you.
    All my love. John.

    John Waghorn

  13. 20 May 2020

    My beautiful, quietly spoken, and gentle Aunty Jan. A lady who, for most of my life, never forgot my birthday and sent me letters on lovely writing paper. A lady I loved visiting along with my special Uncle Gus. Aunty Jan inspired me, amongst many aunties to persue a career in nursing.
    I loved visiting my Aunty Jan and the tea and biscuits I was always given, always seemed so full of love. A lady who holds a special place in my heart you will be missed. For Uncle Gus, my love is with you now, and forevermore as you begin life with memories of your wonderful wife. My love extends to all those impacted by the passing away of Aunty Jan.

    Cara Smith

  14. 20 May 2020

    My darling sister, I did not see you as planned in early March due to Isolation. I know how well you were cared for by our beautiful sister and friends. I am comforted by that. You are now on your journey as I wrap you in my love from afar. Your sisters will never forget you. As your youngest sister I have my own special memories of you and then of you with your beloved Gussie. Forever in my Heart.❤

    Pamela Joy

  15. 19 May 2020

    Sending our love and deepest sympathy to Gus. A beautiful, gentle lady who we will miss dearly… Brian and Joey xox

    Brian and Joanne Wicks