Graham Thomas Nettle

17/12/1951 - 14/04/2020

In accordance with the Government restrictions for gathering,

a PRIVATE funeral Service will be held.

The Bethany Family invite you to leave a tribute for the family.

This Ceremony will be streamed from 1.00pm on Friday 1st May 2020. Please follow the link below:

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  1. 02 May 2020

    To Audrey, Trevor, Brendan, Allison, Thomas and all the grandchildren and Family. My heart felt sympathy and condolences to you all on your sad loss of your dearly beloved husband, father, pop. Graham was a real true gentleman in many ways to us all and loved dearly, he will be sadly missed. Love from Dodie, Ray, Lorraine, Sandy, Tom, Darral and grannies xoxo

    Lorraine Ford

  2. 01 May 2020

    My sincere condolences to Audrey and the family in the passing of a true gentleman🌿🌹🌿 it was a privilege to work with Graham at the Aboriginal Development Commission office in Perth in the early 1980s, he was highly respected, and not a day go by with him smiling and being cheerful 🖤💛❤️ RIP Graham 🕊

    Jenny Bonney

  3. 01 May 2020

    Condolences to our Sis, Trevor, Brendyn, Allison, Tom and families. A wonderful Brother who is going to be terribly missed. Thank you for all the lovely memories, especially your smile and humour. You were such a wonderful man, now at peace and rest. Love Viv and Trac

    Tracey Kickett

  4. 01 May 2020

    Hi Brenton uncle Pete here hi would like to say I I’m very sad for my brother’s passing though I cannot be there with you but I am in spirit with you and family I was just thinking of my brother good times we had an element Grove and in Katherine Kununurra Darwin and Gosnells I was so proud of my big brother. Because he was a hard worker an eagles supporter Swan Districts supporter Holden fan. All the things I like Haswell also he remind me of how father because the way he talked just like our Dad I remember the time in Allawah grove we were playing with fire crackers and Dad and Uncle Desmond put a big firecracker call big bomber in inside the Coke bottle lip the cracker Henry ran back well we thought we’re far back enough so win the cracker exploded glass went everywhere and your father add a cut list above his knee so which do silly things like that we went horse riding in the nearby paddock and we walk through the bushes play Allday and come home Nan and Pop happy for us foot to go we used to go to Guildford and that’s where Swan Districts what dist over the bridge! I remember going to see Swans district play against South Fremantle and also I remember going to Eagles and docker so give my love to Alison Trevor Thomas mum and all grandchildren speciality tray because he was closest Dad deepest sympathy to all my brother’s family uncle Pete

    peter nettle

  5. 01 May 2020

    A true gentleman in every sense of the word. Condolences and much love Gail and Carole.

    Gail Ward

  6. 01 May 2020

    Condolences to Audrey, Thomas, Brendyn, Trevor, Ally and all family and friends on the loss of your beautiful husband and father.

    Graham’s love and influence is visible in all of you and I wish I had the opportunity to have met him,

    My thoughts are with you all.


    Dale Davies

  7. 01 May 2020

    Mr Golden himself!
    My Pop, Graham Thomas Nettle, from you I’ve learned some of the most reliable ways and avenues to get through life. How to be strong mentally and physically, while being a leader for everybody that surrounds you and of course, how to lead the famous Nettle family!
    Im proud to say you’re one of the main influences in my life who made me the man I am today, and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. How you held the family like you did and the impact you’ve had in everyone’s life. I’ll see you again pop. No doubt we be sitting back working on one of the beasts again like how we always used to, then go show off how us two Golden’s are the best drivers hahaha
    I miss you Pop but I know you’ll never leave my side.
    Love you Pop and don’t tease too many of the family, wait till I turn up with ya hahah from Golden no.2, Reecey Poo Bimbalamb Boo xx


  8. 01 May 2020

    My dear uncle I’m sorry I can’t be there along with dad but we are there in spirit .. we will miss u unk , we missing u right now 🙁 all my memories of home have u in it have the gozzie house in it and it’s never gone be the same coming home and knowing u wont be there to welcome us home . Fly high unk and tell all the family up there I love em and miss em 💔 to my family stay strong look after each other thru this sad time.. Rest In Peace GN love u always see u in the dream time my uncle ❤️ Charlie xx

    Charlie Nettle

  9. 01 May 2020

    Rest In Peace Uncle Graham🌟

    Sending my love to aunty Audrey and family so sorry to hear about this sad time god only takes the best.

    My father Ernie Brown/EB (Dec)

    Always told me about the good old days when he would spend spend time with he’s sister and brother Graham and Audrey, Dad would always talk about the old V8 cars that uncle graham owned, dad said he’s just another V8 lover like me.

    I remember the day me and dad leaving midland hospital to come home about one and a half years ago,
    The doctors said you have one more visitor before you go home? It was Aunty Audrey and Uncle graham who walked in, it brighten dads face up he smiled and cried and the same time I guess those where the special memories coming back.

    All I can say now rest easy uncle, I’ll reminder that smile forever ❤️❤️

    Nikkiesha cross-Brown

  10. 01 May 2020

    My dearest Uncle Graham .
    When we met your smiling face was our beautiful welcoming sighn ,we joked and laughed and yarned.
    The tears you now leave us are tears of sadness.
    Now your pain is gone and your spirit is free I will always remember you my
    Loving Uncle Graham,
    May your love and spirit shine down on us till we meet again
    Your loving niece Leonie Mogridge

    Leonie mogridge

  11. 01 May 2020

    To my darling Dad
    I still can’t believe you’re gone.
    It’s hard to find the words to express how much you mean to me, and just how much I will miss you.
    I always was and always will be so proud that you were my Dad, so proud to be your daughter.
    You always made me feel safe, supported and loved. I felt strong because I knew that you always had my back no matter what.
    I loved your sense of humour and the fun and laughs we had together. You could always lighten things up even in dark times and there would not be many moments that we were together that we weren’t laughing or joking around.
    I love that I got to share you with my children and that they also got to feel your unconditional love and support. We will never stop missing you and I am so grateful that Tre, Keira and I will always have these memories.
    I know you are at peace now, and that you are no longer suffering.
    I know you are with family and I take comfort in that.
    But I wish we could have had you for just a little longer Dad.
    Love forever from your daughter Allison, grandson Tre and granddaughter Keira


  12. 01 May 2020

    To my dear Dad,
    Thank you for always being there for me, Mum, Trev, Ally, Tom and all of the family, through the good and the bad times, no matter what.
    Thank you for your sense of humour and for teaching me not to take life too seriously.
    Thank you for your caring heart and for showing your love for us in everything you did. You asked for so little, yet gave so much.
    Thank you for all the places you showed us on our road trips, and for our shared love of driving, which we enjoyed together until the very end.
    Thank you for giving me a voice and for letting me be me.
    Thank you for being you.
    Thank you for your strength, which you showed until the very end.
    There will never be another Graham Nettle, you are one of a kind Dad.
    I know your spirit will always travel with me and this is just goodbye for now.
    From your loving son,


  13. 01 May 2020

    Sending love to Audrey and her family. It was a pleasure to get to work with Graham and Audrey on an art and storytelling project in York. Graham was a gentle, friendly, funny and wonderful man. Rest in Peace.

    Jessica Wraight

  14. 01 May 2020

    My brother in law.
    Today is the day you are put to rest. It is with a sad heart we cannot be there to celebrate your life. I think of the years I have known you n Audrey. 1977 I came into your house on Manning Rd, being the girlfriend of your brother in in 1978 became a sister in law. You were and have always been a special person, with your welcoming smile, cheeky words, and words of wisdom. You and Audrey became close to us and when each child came along became the best uncle they could experience. You struggled with your health until your last breath having your wife with you. I know the day you died my daughter Lyla nettle who passed away 17th may 2019 would of being there with welcoming arms and a hugh smile as you are her favourite uncle.

    We will always remember and cherish the memories we shared over the years.

    Love from your sister in law
    Sue nowland

    Susan nowland

  15. 01 May 2020

    Those we hold closest to our hearts never truly leave us, they live on in the kindness they have shared and the love they brought into our lives. We keep our memories close in our hearts and over the years we have so many to cherish. Rest for a little while Uncle Graham until you hear his call. Our deepest sympathy to Aunty Audrey, Trevor, Brendon, Allison and Tom. Mel, Darren, Jeffrey, Todd and Breeannah.

    Melony Darroch

  16. 30 April 2020

    My dearest uncle you are 1 of a kind unc u are like my dad/uncle u never ever judged me u never treated me diffrent cause I took the wrong road u still loved me no matter what choice I made u highlighted my day unc when ever I seen u u are special to me your my idol role model I will get there unc and make u proud I know u always wanted me to do rite I will uncle I’m thinking off yous Aunty my brothers and sista and uncles and Aunty Kira I love yous all and my uncle untill we meet again unc R.I.P your nephew John niece inlaw larissa telisha Glenn Kisha trei John jnr valma montana Rachelle monaro Shirley blade denzel Emily hector jubilee alayah❤️❤️❤️❤️

    John and Larissa Nettles and children

  17. 30 April 2020

    Deepest Sympathy to Aunty Audrey and Family, Aunty Maureen and Family, Uncle William and Family, Uncle Peter and Family and Aunty Shirley and Family on your very sad loss of Uncle Graham.
    Uncle Graham you were a true gentleman with a heart of gold and had the best sense of humor, always making us laugh. I will always remember you and Aunty Audrey’s Trips to Moora when we were growing up and later on in Perth, where you would visit us with your latest V8 car. You loved your V8’s.
    I will also remember the good times we had when I went to Kununurra and stayed with you and Aunty Audrey.
    No more suffering Uncle Graham safely in the arms of your loved ones. RIP.
    Love Lorna, Joanne and Families. xxx

    Joanne Alone

  18. 30 April 2020

    In remembrance of Graham my brother-in-law. He is now at peace. Will always remember the good yarns, and laughs we had together. You will be in our thoughts forever more. Sending love to my Sister, and all the Nettle family.

    Love Lily.

    Lily Narkle

  19. 30 April 2020

    Uncle Graham.
    I’ve been trying to think of what to write for a while, and honestly there aren’t words to describe what you’ve meant to me. I remember when our dad passed away you reassured us girls that you would always be there to support us, and you were. I knew that no matter what I could always rely on your loving support, and your humor if we were having a tough time, or needed help. I used to love visiting with you and Aunty Aud because we’d have a good laugh and yarn catching up. You are at rest now, and we’ll miss you more than you could ever know. You’ll always be remembered.

    Love to Aunty Aud, Trevor, Brendyn, Alison, Thomas, and all your grannies. Wish we could be by your side at this time but are always thinking of you.

    – Miyagi.

    Lianne Goodwin

  20. 30 April 2020

    To my dear uncle,

    To say I’m going to miss you in an understatement. You were always there for us, and looked after us like your own daughters. You had a great sense of humor and were always willing to help us when we needed it.

    To Aunty Aud, Ally, Trevor, Brendyn, and Tom and all the grannies I’m very sad for you and wish we could be with you in this sad time. Love to you all.

    – Kylie

    Kylie Clune

  21. 30 April 2020

    To my dearest aunty& family thinking of you’s in this sad time of lose of a beautiful uncle, father, husband, grandfather you was a solid uncle happy as can be you was kind , gentle, loving,& funny with much love and respect love from Patrina, Chelsea, Suzie & grannies ❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Patrina Narrier

  22. 30 April 2020

    My dear pop graham
    Although I’m not there to say goodbye I’m still able to say it now as much as I wish I could of told you how much I loved you I know that you know I do, it’s hard to lose someone with such a golden heart and have to say farewell but forever you’ll be in my heart along with pop phill and nana Joan, I found this poem that speaks so much to me so here it is;

    Our lives go on without you
    But nothing is the same
    We have to hide our heartache
    When someone speaks your name

    Sad are the hearts that love you
    Silent are the tears that fall
    Living here without you
    Is the hardest part of all

    You did so many things for us
    Your heart was kind and true
    And when we needed someone
    We could always count on you

    The special years will not return
    When we are all together
    But with the love in our hearts
    You walk with us forever

    I love you pop and I will miss you dearly, my condolences to the rest of the family and especially to nana Audrey

    Love from me, phill and Bradley we will all miss you so much

    Shania narkle

  23. 30 April 2020

    For my uncle Graham
    What can I say,
    My uncle was the most wisest man that I know, he was more then a uncle he was like a dad to me an my sisters…. Thank you uncle for being their for us . U always had a big smile on your face even through hard times. I will always appreciate what U did an done for me, the things U taught me, the respect you learnt me. And mainly the love U gave me . Rest is paradise now my uncle love from your biggest nephew/son Wilson ❤️

    William nettles

  24. 30 April 2020

    Dear sister Aud and family
    Thinking of you in this time of sorrow and sadness
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you
    With Deepest Sympathy
    With Much Love
    Phil Pat and Family
    Their Light Shines On
    Our loved one’s leave behind a light that will never dim or fade
    It’s kept bright by the love we feel and the memories we made

    It can warm us like a candle’s glow
    And help bring comfort
    And no matter where you go you’ll find it’s always close to you
    And in the darker times , remember in our hearts their light is strong
    So every time we think of them their memory shines on.
    Love you Aud

    Patricia Narrier

  25. 30 April 2020

    Dear Pop,
    May the roads rise up to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    May the rains fall soft upon fields
    And until we meet again
    May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

    rest easy pop Graham
    Love from Denzel, Shawn, Shaneah, Kadeisha, Cassius, Leisha, David, Susan jr and Susan Bodney

    Susan Bodney

  26. 30 April 2020

    It’s with such sorrow that we say goodbye to are true gentleman.
    Graham has been a caring, loving ,and kind husband an father, and grandfather.,brother and uncle. he has show these qualities through out his life to the in-laws and extended family and in return receive the respect and love that
    He deserves. Rest in peace .

    Tanya and Richard Smith, Family

    Tanya smith

  27. 30 April 2020

    I went to see you one last time yesterday. I didn’t want to leave you. I told you that I will always love you. I look back on our 51 years together. Out boys and our beautiful daughter Ally are my reminder of you. I also see you in our grand children. I will miss having you in my life on earth my darling. I will keep our memories deep in my heart. I will miss your handsome smile. Love you forever. No more pain and suffering honey. Your loving Wife Aud.

    Audrey Nettle

  28. 30 April 2020

    My Dear Uncle,

    Words Can’t Explain How Much You Left Us All So Heart Broken, You Was The Best Uncle Anyone Could Ask For. I Well Always Cherish The Times When Me, My Sisters & Brother Would Come To You And Aunty House In Gosnells And Everytime We All Would Walk Thru the Doors You Would Always Give Us Big Hugs And Always Made Us Feel Welcome, Always Love Going There And Everytime We Would See U Anywhere Else It Was Always Do The Same. You Was The Best Kind Hearted Uncle There Was, Who Never Treated Anyone Different Always Showed Everyone Love. Tears Are Rolling Down My Face Writing This But I Know Your In A Better Place Flying High With Pop, Nan & All The Family Watching Over All The Mob.

    You May Be Gone But You Well Never Be Forgotten. Rest In Peace My Dear Uncle Until We Meet Again.

    Condolence To My Aunty, Big Cuzzies & Nephews & Nieces At This Sad Time, Thinking Of Yous All

    Lots Of Love From Samantha, Bentley, Boston, Baylee And Bayne

    Samantha Calyun

  29. 29 April 2020

    It is with great sadness as we write this tribute to our brother Graham.
    Graham, you will always have a special place in our hearts, because of you, “just being you”, humorous, knowledgeable, respectful and caring.
    From the time you started working with Denise and “Old Boy” (Eric Conway), you became family and we would always get a laugh out of Old Boy with his cars, which you came to love and had a love for, as well.
    We will cherish the time you stayed with us in Kununurra, and after, when your family arrived.
    Condolences to your Beloved Wife Audrey, Children, Grandchildren and Family.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.
    Rest in Peace Our Brother,
    Malcolm, Denise, Taylah, Luke and Cheyenne Conway

    Denise Conway

  30. 28 April 2020

    My darling hubby. Still hard to believe that you are no longer with me at the aged care to visit.

    Audrey Nettle

  31. 27 April 2020

    Dear Uncle
    No words can describe the love and respect I had for you. I am so glad to have known you . You were my saviour and protector. I’m going to miss that smile and your hugs. I will forever cherish each memory we created together .

    Rest easy unc love you 😭❤️

    Kara Kickett

  32. 27 April 2020

    My deepest condolences to my sister Audrey and my niece ally nephews on the sad passing of a wonderful loving caring man graham resting peacefully love Lana and family

    Alana Narkle

  33. 27 April 2020

    Wish to send our sincerest condolences for this lovely Man, Graham and his wonderful family. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Love,
    Dianne and Odette

    Dianne Jones

  34. 27 April 2020

    It is with much sadness that we say goodbye to a friend and work colleague. Rick & I worked with Graham in the ATSIC Office, Katherine NT. He was a man with a big heart, a big smile and always very respectful, gentle and professional in his dealings with people he worked with. There wasn’t a day where he wouldn’t have that big smile which then made you smile. He went fishing with Rick on the Vic River, Timber Creek, NT chasing the elusive barramundi which was caught. Always a gentleman, he will be missed by many. Our love and thoughts are with his beautiful wife Audrey and his family on this day. Love from the Fletcher Family xxx

    Linda & Rick Fletcher

  35. 27 April 2020

    Miss you uncle graham
    Miss your warm hugs and big Smile.
    Your memory will always be in heart .
    Love from Sally and my lil family ❤❤❤

    Sally Nettles

  36. 27 April 2020

    My condolences to my family on the loss of Pop Graham,
    Pop we may have not spent a lot of time with you but the short time we did you were always wearing that beautiful smile. Remembering you from my young’s days my mum had so much respect and admiration for you and I will continue to carry that with me also. It saddened me to hear of your illness and see aunt suffer in silence while showing so much strength, you were the love of her life in this life and enteral.. May god wrap you around his arms and comfort you until you are reunited with your loved ones again.. keep smiling bright love Karina Allan Blurton & family ❤️

    Karina Blurton

  37. 26 April 2020

    There are no words that I can find to express how very thankful I am to have you as my boys Pop. You brought love and laughter to their lives . A beautiful role model for them to look up too. We love you and we are truely blessed having you in our lives and you will be sadly missed but never forgotten . I close my eyes and just see how the boys use to love rubbing the top of your head. And how they lit up with such love and joy when they saw their Pop and Nan . Couldn’t of asked for better grandparents and family for my boys. Sending all my love to our Nettle Family
    Xxxxx Shay

    Shay Harvey

  38. 26 April 2020


    Audrey Nettle

  39. 26 April 2020


    Thank you for being our voice when no one would listen.
    Thank you for being our light when we were in a dark place.
    Your one of the great ones, There are no goodbyes.
    Where ever you’ll be, you will forever be in my heart. ❤️

    Tammy Nettles

  40. 25 April 2020

    Memories of our ATSIC days to cherish of a True Gentleman. But we as a family got to know you after those days. Though you are gone you won’t be forgotten my Friend & Brother. Go RIP, Graham.❤🖤💛

    George & Elaine Hayden

  41. 24 April 2020

    Dearest Uncle/Pop, now at peace. One of the nicest men I had the honour of knowing. Good memories from Katherine where we stayed with you. You were always so kind to me and my girls. Rest now Uncle with your sister, sending much love to the Nettles family, love always Lis, Holly and Ruby xxx

    Lis Goodwin

  42. 24 April 2020

    Pop graham,

    We know you can no longer stay with us,
    you fought long and hard to be with us.
    We know you now watch over and protect us.
    Although we cannot hear your voice or see your smiling face,
    We know deep down in our hearts that you have not left us

    I love you dearly my pop ❤🕊😭💔

    Mya christensen Nettles

  43. 24 April 2020

    Missing you my darling hubby. I am comforted knowing that you are at peace and with both our families on the other side. I will always love you. Your loving Wife Aud.

    Audrey Nettle

  44. 24 April 2020

    To my dear uncle Graham
    Thank you for shinning light on so many in a world of darkness. Your love and beautiful personality brought joy and happiness to me and the whole family.
    Though its sadness we all feel for your lost we can find small comfort knowing that you are no longer in pain and now are free to join all our other nettle family that have passed. I’m sure that they will be so happy to be with you again. Sending love and good vibes to all the family at this very hard time. Until we met again uncle Graham I’ll continue to live life and make the Nettle name shine. Rest In Peace love you always. ❤️

    Thibul Nettle

  45. 24 April 2020

    I thought of you with love today
    but that is nothing new
    I thought about you yesterday
    and days before that too,

    I think of you in silence
    I often speak your name
    All I have are memories
    and your picture in a frame.

    Your memory is my keepsake
    with which I’ll never part
    God has you in His keeping
    I have you in my heart..
    We had a wonderful uncle,
    One who never really grew old;
    His smile was made of sunshine,
    And his heart was solid gold;
    His eyes were as bright as shining stars,
    And in his cheeks fair roses you see.
    We had a wonderful uncle,
    And that’s the way it will always be.
    But take heed, because
    He’s still keeping an eye on all of us,
    So let’s make sure
    He will like what he sees …
    I love you my unlce Graham we will miss you so much but we will always carry you in our hearts this is not a good bye this is just a see ya later my unlce 💞❤😊🌹🌹😭

    Janice Christensen Nettle