Bret Kenneth Holland

10/01/1991 - 08/05/2019


Allambie Park Crematorium Chapel

241 Lower King Road

Albany  WA

Ceremony Time:

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  1. 23 May 2019

    I send my deepest condolences to Brett’s family and friends in this sad time, my thoughts and heart go out to you all.

    Brett Kennith Holland My dear Brother,
    I still have yet to except that your gone as I start this tribute.
    I am still working hard, making those dollars we always talked about. Working toward that mansion on the estate we alway said we would own, sitting out nanarup in my old diesel 60 series land cruiser back in 2008.
    I’m so sorry I am not there to see you off.
    Deep down I know you would understand.
    If there’s one person that would understand it would be you, we always had that understanding with each other never needed excuses or reasons was always see you when I’m looking at you and we will start where we left off as if no time had passed from our last catch up.

    Jeaz where do I start.

    You where the Incredible Hulk you would always quote “don’t make me turn green” your supposed to be invincible bro, I mean you even had a tattoo of mechanical parts because you thought you where a machine.

    Underneath all that beast on the outside, we all felt that unconditional love that you always had on the inside for your friends and family, the sarcasm and humour.. jeaz some days I would be on the floor laughing, other days I would be turning red wanting to beat the living hell out of you, wile falling behind on a job at fletchers, he would alway quote “You are weak” “Weak and gay” “oiiii hurry up” and many other rude gestures in a loud beastly voice. jeaz he would get your blood boiling sometimes with his sarcasm and cheekiness but that was Brett.

    Those years at fletchers international I will take to the grave. He made those days for a few of us. There would be a few of you that would remember him yelling rude gestures in a beastly voice in the locker rooms banging on the lockers at 5am in the morning, he was such a character, absolute one of a kind.

    I’ll never forget all those hooligans years, Drag racing, doing burnouts, drinking energy drinks all night, going out the gap cave with the boys and stetting off flares, driving around towing wheelie bins around with the boy’s doing silly teenage things that you do at that age through all that hooligan stuff if there was one thing Brett and I always did it was work through our demons together, we always helped each other through life’s hurdles no matter what.

    Our strong friendship began back in our late teens when we both had our first Holden’s, to our Japanese import cars, then finally V8’s, all the parties, pub crawls that always ended up in him turning green of course that was just Brett though…
    I have Lost count of the amount of times seeing the old fletchers work sign at 5am driving straight past it and instead going 4 wheel driving and fishing drinking coronas, talking about getting jobs up north, buying that estate, singing old music like savage garden, ub40, uncle cracker, thin Lizzy and Creedence till our throats gave out. We would sit on hilltops,, creating dreams, goals and plans, so much unconditional brotherly love, I’ll never forget the first time I took him mulloway fishing up the judges box, I had all the expensive light line set up and he brings this Kmart special Jalvis walker beach rod with 50lb mono casts it and all the line came off to the knot on the spool, 1 hour latter his rod bent over and he pulled up a 1m long mulloway, I was dumbfounded and never lived that one down of course haha another time I took him to Wilson inlet and we caught so many pink snapper, I lent him my fathers favourite Whitting rod and he snapped it in half on his first fish and then grabbed the 25lb braid with his bare hands and cut them pulling in a little pinky oh. How time flys to think that was over 10 years ago

    One of my most memorable times though would have to be when I finally made it up north and went to Christmas creek, I had 5 minutes till I was leaving the site and you got off the bus just before I was about to leave you came running across the oval, gave me a big brotherly hug before I left. I hadn’t seen you in so long you had lost so much wieght, just that 20 second moment I’ll never forget, we accomplished a dream together that we always talked about. I looked up to you, always did, you where my ambition to get somewhere in life. After you left and went up north I would tell everyone “ I’ll be up there with him soon” took me a solid 12 months of applying for jobs, small pays for months on end but I made it or should I say we made it.

    I can’t believe your gone. I always thought I would get to see you again to catch up on the lost years, theres a million questions that will forever remain unanswered. I guess the saying is true “make the most of every moment you get with one another”

    I’m so sorry I didn’t come and see you at Christmas time like I said I would, if only I new…….. if only…..

    It breaks my heart to say it but I know I have too say it.

    May Peace be with you Brett Kennith Holland my brother.


    Your old mate Jayden Perkins

    Jayden Perkins