The Bethany Tradition

There are moments in life when we must face the difficulties and sadness of life’s ending.

The Bethany Family exists to help during those times and to offer a place where you can find understanding, care and love. Importantly we want to help in the healing process because we know that there is a time for sadness, a time for celebration of life and a time to recover. Our single ambition is to help you say goodbye, to assist you to remember and to appreciate that happier days are coming your way.

Bree – In Touch With The Human Spirit

Hidden within the mystery of our existence we come to realise that all of life is capable of understanding pain and the need for comfort.

There is no better example than that of Bree, Bethany’s first funeral home canine. Her self appointed role was to meet and greet people as they arrived at the office.Her other role was to attend at the funeral arrangement conference to ensure the people that may require a little extra care and understanding, received it.

Her incredible ability for choosing the person that required her special touch was pure instinct. She would make sure she was in reach for them to provide her with a pat, creating comfort and love for those who needed her. When she was satisfied that all was well, she would find a place in the room to rest and meditate. (Often the meditation was a little loud snoring!). She was truly a beautiful creature with human instincts.

Bree has now retired and watches over us from her special place. Today, Abbey has taken over Bree’s role and like Bree demonstrates the same wonderful instincts to visitors. At Bethany, love is all around, and no less so from our four legged friends.

Our Book

As the sensitive personnel from the Bethany family observe the reactions and grief of people they have realised a need exists to provide a different way of communicating the physical process of a person’s death to the younger members of the community.

In June 2015 Vince decided to develop a children’s storybook to help explain the subject. Over the past months the book has taken shape with authors and animators working on the language and illustrations to be used. The result is a sensitive and specifically constructed work, delivered with great care, omitting the usual “Grown Up” talk.

The result is a beautiful story explaining what happens when a person dies. It is interdenominational and available free of charge on request.

Bethany’s Vision

“Human Beings have sensed the mystery of death and the pain of grief since time immemorial. Every society has developed rites to mark the passage from life through death.

Today we do this through the funeral service and the rites by which we lay a person’s body to rest.

The wounds of grief need time and care to heal. The funeral may help this process by enabling us to acknowledge our loss, give thanks for the life of the person who has passed, make our last farewell and begin to take up life once more.”